Growing Up Thomas

Today is Sunday, January 22, 2017.  Colin turned 10 years old today.  Hard to believe that he has grown up so fast.  Time has truly flown by.  I’ve been working on uploading our old pictures to our new hard drive and seeing pictures of him and the twins when they were babies brings back memories.

So today I’m going to take a minute to edify my amazing son.  He is 10 years old and very smart.  I was using our Apple TV today and he had figured out how to download apps and put them into folders on the Apple TV.  I had a hard time deciding whether to be mad at him for messing with it and downloading things without asking or be proud of him for figuring it out.  I’m a little of both I guess.  He got a rip skate board for his birthday and figured out how to ride it within a day.  Although he has to be reminded to start his homework, he rarely needs help with it.  Colin has a lot of personality and is fun to be around.  He loves to laugh and make jokes.  He’s a leader among his group of friends and a pleasure to be around.  He’s very sensitive (gets that from his father) and hates the idea that he would do anything to hurt anyone.  He’s also very confident and sure of himself.  Words of affirmation is his love language.

I’m constantly reminded of how little time I have left with Colin, to teach him the things he needs to learn.  We’ve spent so much time in reactive mode, trying to survive and pay our bills, that I feel like I haven’t done enough for him as a parent.  I’m often too hard on him because I know what he’s capable of, the very thing I swore I wouldn’t do.  I trust that God will help fill in the gaps where I have fallen short but Colin is coming so close to becoming a man.  And he’s going to be an amazing man.  He loves the Lord and deep down always wants to do the right thing, even if he doesn’t always succeed.  I’m very proud of him and take no credit for the amazing kid that he is.  All of that is in spite of me I assure you.

If you’re reading this, please share a word of encouragement or a memory you have of him in the comments section.  I know he would love to read them and it would fill his love tank.

Be blessed everyone.  Have a great week.