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Freedom Fighter



Freedom.  If I were to sum up the vision that God has given me in one word that would be it.  Freedom.

My name is Cameron Thomas.  I have an amazing wife, Lena, and three awesome kids, Colin (10), Cailyn (7), and Liam (7).  In my opinion, slavery never left America, it simply took on different forms.  We (society) are now slaves to debt, to fat, to sickness, to addiction.  The goal of Wholly Anointing is to set people free from all of that.  Here you’ll find articles on wholly finance, wholly marriage, wholly parenting, and anything else we can do to set people free from whatever they are struggling with.  You can visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with us and discuss these things further.  We believe that true freedom is found in Jesus Christ, and that through living His way, through living in a way set out in the scriptures, we can be free.

The name Wholly Anointing has a few meanings, as is illustrated by the tag line, “Living Holy, Wholly, and Anointed.”  When we live our lives in that order, we can find freedom.  You can view our videos on Youtube, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to join us on this journey.  I say join us because we have not yet arrived at our final destination, but we are certainly closer than we were when we started.

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