Serving With Family

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted because so much is going on.  I thought about doing a post on my reaction to the election but there’s plenty of that going around and I wanted to make this a little more light hearted.  I’ve also been itching to finally get back on here and share about our recent trip to Ensenada, Mexico.  We did our annual toy drive for the community of Colonia 89 in October this year.  Pastor Hector never connected the toys with Christmas with the kids anyway and with so many ministries to give to during Christmas time we wanted to separate from that season a little bit.  This was a fantastic trip.  We took about 15 people down with us this time and had a great time.


This was just the beginning when we first got there.  The line soon was around the corner.  About 500 people showed up.  This is both children who received toys and parents who received food and gifts for themselves also.  Since we made a trip down in July to drop off some of the toys, half of the setup was already done when we got there, saving us a bunch of time.  I’m not sure this year could have gone any smoother.img_5241
Each child got to pick out a toy of their choice.  Our volunteers helped this process run very smoothly.

Pastor Hector is always so efficient at making sure the process runs smoothly.img_5251

Cailyn jumped right in and was a big help in setting up and handing out toys.  The boys were also a very big help but somehow eluded the camera.

After the children picked out their toy, they went into the children’s building next door and got prayed for.

All of our volunteers were amazing.  We never had to worry that something wasn’t getting done.  Everybody did an awesome job of serving and helping out wherever it was needed.  It was such a huge blessing to serve alongside of all of these amazing people.  Once the kids were done with their part, we reset the room and the parents came in and got food and a gift for themselves.  Each one of the orange bags has rice, beans, maseca, and other food for the family to add to their pantry.

Cailyn also made a new friend in the process.  Cailyn speaks about 3 words of Spanish and the little girl speaks little to no english, but they figured it out.

I love being able to take my kids with me on these trips and expose them to life outside of the United States.  In this small community I do keep my eye on them, but I don’t worry too much about them.  Everybody is watching out for them, making sure they are safe and taken care of, just like the rest of the kids in the community.  If you’re not already, get out and serve with your kids.  You don’t necessarily have to go to Mexico, but expose them to helping others, especially during the holiday season when everything is about receiving for most people.  Dios Me Ve is an amazing ministry with a real heart for the community.  It’s been a huge honor and privilege for me to be able to watch it grow over the last couple of years and participate in that growth.  After we returned to the states the director of our mission board was able to raise enough money to finish the retaining wall around the church before the rainy season, as well as install the septic and get the stucco on the children’s building.  We’re watching this community be changed little by little right before our eyes.  I can’t wait to see the landscape of Colonia 89 be changed in amazing ways, not only physically, but for the kingdom of God.  One of the things that is heavy on my heart right now is helping Pastor Hector build his house.  He has a piece of property that he was able to buy years ago but hasn’t had the funds come in to build a house on it.  Right now a friend of his is letting him stay in his house.  Whenever funds come in to the ministry, Pastor Hector makes sure he spends the money on what the people that donated it intended it for.  Even if they say that he can use it for whatever he wants, the church always comes before his own needs.  He would not be the one to tell you all of this either.  He doesn’t spend any time begging for money to build his house, simply enough to take care of the community.  It is an honor to serve alongside of this man.  If you would like to hear more or would like to donate to the ministry of Dios Me Ve, send me a note in the contact us page.  Below are some more photos for you to enjoy.

Until next time, be blessed.